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Metal Roof RestorationPlay video

Metal Roof Restoration

by Topps Products Inc.

A metal roof coating is used to seal, protect, coat and cool metal roofs. With Topps, why replace your entire roof, when only 10% is the problem? Call us today for a free estimate at 800-867-7177.

R+HEATSHIELD Radiant Barrier in actionPlay video

R+HEATSHIELD Radiant Barrier in action

by Innovative Energy, Inc.

Joe Dewes of Innovative Energy uses a hotbox to show how effective R+HEATSHIELD radiant barrier is at blocking radiant heat transfer. The demonstration puts R+HEATSHIELD insulation to the test against a 250 watt heat lamp for one hour. But don't worry, we speed up the film so you can see it all in about one minute.

Intro to Bock & ClarkPlay video

Intro to Bock & Clark

by Bock and Clark

Watch our video to learn more about our services and meet some of our staff.

Metacrylics Promotional VideoPlay video

Metacrylics Promotional Video

by Metacrylics Inc.

Metacrylics informational video and advantages of the Metacrylics Cool Roof Fluid Applied System for new & existing flat roofs and Walking Decks.

Metacrylics application over New Construction Plywood RoofPlay video

Metacrylics application over New Construction Plywood Roof

by Metacrylics Inc.

Application of Metacrylics Roof System over a plywood (new construction) roof

Metacrylics Application over a tar & gravel roofPlay video

Metacrylics Application over a tar & gravel roof

by Metacrylics Inc.

Application of Metacrylics Elastomeric Roof System over an existing tar & gravel roof using a broom & roller applicators.

FeasibilityPlay video


by Cutting Edge Self Storage Management

Have you ever thought what it would take to get a storage facility started? If you are thinking about purchasing land and/or building a new storage facility, then a feasibility study is the first step towards this goal.

Time Lapsed Video of the Advantage BuildingPlay video

Time Lapsed Video of the Advantage Building

by BETCO, Inc.

Watch the New Advantage Series Building being built with this time lapsed video.

BETCO Advantage SeriesPlay video

BETCO Advantage Series

by BETCO, Inc.

We are extending our standard line of buildings to offer customers another option with the Advantage series. These buildings are designed for owners who want a price advantage and are looking to save on their bottom line, yet expect a complete building package that meets the requirements of their location. For those who haven't done business with BETCO in the past because you weren't able to get what you were looking for, you now have the option of the new Advantage series.

BETCO Customer TestimonialsPlay video

BETCO Customer Testimonials

by BETCO, Inc.

This video is a testimonial of the success you can have in the self storage business. It can be supplemental income today, and retirement income tomorrow.

Welcome to the spot for construction and development videos for self storage owners. If you own a self storage facility and are looking for construction and development tips and advice browse the videos above. You will find videos from the top construction and development vendors in the self storage industry.

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