Additional Revenue Stream Videos

MiniCo Pay-With-Rent Tenant Insurance Overview

by MiniCo Insurance Agency

MiniCo Pay-With-Rent Tenant Insurance offers benefits for self-storage businesses and their tenants. This video provides an overview of program features and benefits.

R+HEATSHIELD Radiant Barrier in action

by Innovative Energy, Inc.

Joe Dewes of Innovative Energy uses a hotbox to show how effective R+HEATSHIELD radiant barrier is at blocking radiant heat transfer. The demonstration puts R+HEATSHIELD insulation to the test against a 250 watt heat lamp for one hour. But don't worry, we speed up the film so you can see it all in about one minute.

How a Right Of First Refusal Can Impact a Cell Tower Landlord's Property

by Vertical Consultants

Commonly, cell tower companies are approaching property owners asking them to sign a right of first refusal. Having a right of first refusal would allow a cell tower company the right to purchase their cell tower landlord's property should the landowner receive an offer from a third party to purchase the property. Many cell tower companies see this option as a way to prevent their lease from being purchased, but this could have a negative impact on a property owner's land. Watch to find out how.

Questions to Ask a Company Wanting to Buy Your Cell Tower Lease. Watch Here!

by Vertical Consultants

Third party companies often use tactics to convince property owners to sell their cell tower leases. Many of these companies will lead you to believe they can add additional tenants and revenue to your tower and off to split that revenue with you IF you sell your lease to them. Watch this video to learn how you can avoid making costly decisions within your cell tower lease.

What is the Biggest Misconception in the Telecom Industry? Watch Here!

by Vertical Consultants

Vertical Consultants reveals what the biggest misconception is within the cell tower industry. Property owners - be aware that these companies need YOU more than you need them. You have the upper hand in negotiating.

3 Things You Should Consider in a Cell Tower Lease Buyout

by Vertical Consultants

Vertical Consultants suggests 3 things to be aware of when asked to sell your cell tower lease. Always know who you are talking to when discussing your lease, as the company contacting may not be looking out for your best interest. For more, visit

Testimonial - Casey Cavell

by On The Move, Inc.

Casey Cavell gives a testimonial on his On The Move truck.

Testimonial - Ramona Voorhees

by On The Move, Inc.

Ramona Voorhees of Locker Room Self Storage gives testimonial about her On The Move truck.

Testimonial - Bob Buffet

by On The Move, Inc.

Bob Buffet of Stor-All giving a testimonial about his On The Move trucks.

How to rent a moving van

by On The Move, Inc.

A how to video illustrating what needs to be completed when renting a truck.

On The Move Trucks - Overview

by On The Move, Inc.

Information regarding On The Move's Turnkey Truck Rental Program.

Supply Side USA

by Supply Side USA

Supply Side USA's retail programs for Self Storage operators offer customized merchandising services based on a market driven approach we call Store of the Community. This approach determines the best fit to maximize sales and minimize inventory based on store location, traffic patterns, available space, demographics and customer base.

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