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Balancing high tech and high touch

by Mark Lusky

Let's face it: Automation is increasing. From highly sophisticated robots to self-storage rental kiosks, the stock of non-human capital is rising.

Bilingual kiosk speaks to many needs

by Mark Lusky

Phoenix-based OpenTech Alliance now offers a plug-and-play "bilingual office assistant" called the Insomniac 50 for self-storage companies. According to an Inside Self-Storage article, "Customers can use the wireless, interactive, touchscreen computer to rent units, make payments, buy tenant insurance, access their accounts and more...

Small Facilities... They Hear You!

by Ken Hendrickson / Jimmy Sorenson

Management Software that fits YOUR needs! Small facilities talking about the 3 different categories of the self storage market and where you fit in.

Choosing the Right Web-Based Management Program

by Markus Hecker

Learn critical components of web-based management software that all self-storage operators should consider to boost profits and cut operating costs.

Should You Be Worried About Paying A Monthly Fee For Web-Based Software?

by Ken Hendrickson

Are you having a hard time making the jump into a web-based self storage software program becaues of the monthly fee? This article dicusses some of the topics that might help change your mind.

President and Founder, Vertical Consultants

by Hugh Odom

Hugh Odom reveals what you should know and consider when approached by a company to buy your cell tower lease.

PayPros Innovo Check - a comprehensive, fully supported solution for paper and electronic checks

by PayPros

A complete check solution from PayPros that not only allows for the integration of a wide range of check services, but supports your customers' services including application, reporting, billing and support. Expect best-in-class functionality that will keep pace with your growing needs.

PayPros Innovo - Payment Processing

by PayPros

Designed and developed in-house by PayPros, PayPros Innovo provides a solution to handle any payment type, effortlessly supporting hundreds of thousands of customers in an enterprise environment.

Case Study: Tempe Storage Company LED Lighting Upgrade

by Daniel Henderson

Controlling operating costs is a top priority for self-storage owners and operators. Every dollar saved in operating expenses goes directly to the bottom line, improving profitability and the value of the facility. Selfstorage owners also know that appearance matters and that people expect a facility to look good in the day and at night. Safety and security is a major concern as tenants are trusting you to safeguard their valuables.

Self-storage kiosks warm up to customers; they return the favor

by Mark Lusky,

Prospective self-storage customers are more likely to sign up through an automated attendant if a live, warm voice beckons at the other end of the transaction.

Storage Commander Software

by Empower Software Technologies Inc.

Leading the way in Self Storage Management Software

Storage Commander Version 4.4 Specification & Features

by Empower Software Technologies Inc.

Features of the self storage management software package.

How to Select the Right Credit Card Processor

by Empower Software Technologies Inc.

Credit and debit cards have become the preferred method of payment for most customers, so it's important to have a flexible transaction processing system that's fast and effective.

Pay-station Flyer

by Empower Software Technologies Inc.

Onsite managers can now have the competitive edge they have been looking for. Pay-Station's ground-breaking technology provides your customers with the most innovative rental payment experience in the industry.

Storage Commander Financing Package

by Empower Software Technologies Inc.

Stop wasting money. Now everyone can afford the most advanced storage software program available.

Tredd's Software Version 7.1.4 Released

by John Shade

Tredd's Software Solutions LLC is proud to release version 7.1.4 of our software. In the past year we have released many updates to our software, and like the previous updates, version 7.1.4 continues to have the same easy-to-use interface that you have come to rely on year after year.

Building and Marketing a Successful Website

by Christopher Baird - CEO Automatit, Inc

When we think about a successful website it has different meanings to people. In my experience, for self-storage, it means generating rentals. For the purpose of our discussion we will define success as a website that places well in searches, is found through the internet on major consumer used websites, generates visits by potential customers and has the ability to convert them into paying customers.

Top 5 Things To Look For In Mini Storage Software

by Ken Hendrickson

When it comes to finding Mini Storage Software there are many options to choose from. It can almost be compared to buying a car. You have to decide among the thousands of options what you really need and also what will really work for you.

Store Advantage and Store Enterprise Comparison

by Centershift

Fast access to accurate and timely data is key to running a successful business. Based on a unique centralized data model, Centershift Store Advantage and Store Enterprise accelerate your corporate data system by putting all of your information and service offerings in one, easily accessible place.

The Modern-Day Self Storage Keypad: Versatility, Durability, Features and Much More

by Russell Fike

Access denied! Depending on who receives this message, it can either be a source of great frustration or relief. A delinquent tenant will grimace, but when it comes to vandals, thieves or another unauthorized presence, self-storage operators breathe a sigh of relief when access is denied.

Online Directories: What is Right for Your Business?

by SpareFoot

If your facility does not have an online marketing strategy, there's a good chance you are already behind. At this point, most storage operators have some sort of web presence

Using Multiple Channels to Maximize Web Exposure


In today's competitive business environment, maximizing your advertising and marketing budget is an absolute necessity. With Internet penetration at 70% and climbing, the Web is increasingly becoming the advertising vehicle of choice for savvy marketers. This shows in online advertising spending which has doubled from $6 Billion in 2003 to over $13 Billion in 2006. But, the Web is diffused medium, and experienced marketers are finding that a website alone does not help build your business or fill your facility. The key to successful marketing on the Internet is to first have your message available to many Internet users, and second, to give them multiple opportunities to convert and become a customer.

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