Self Storage Security Systems and Hardware Articles

Retail browsing spurs upgrades

by Mark Lusky

If you've checked Costco lately, you may find some relatively low-priced merchandise that can beef up your security or lighting in a high-value way. Between the closed security camera systems and plethora of LED lighting lining the shelves or listings in their website, Costco is one of a growing number of retailers offering these types of deals.

Thwart thieves this holiday season...and beyond

by Mark Lusky

Thieves are an opportunistic bunch. From recent stories about self-storage facilities being targeted by existing tenants to repeat break-ins, there is no doubt that wrongdoers are looking for vulnerable pickings. Help your tenants and yourself by beefing up security so that thieves will go elsewhere to do their dirty work.

Common-sense property security tips

by Mark Lusky

Self-storage owners can radically reduce the number of crises related to security just by following a few straightforward, relatively inexpensive guidelines.

Spotlight on security: Let there be light...but not TOO much

by Mark Lusky

Self-storage owners interested in beefing up security typically think about lighting. Lighting improvements are the single most cost-effective safety and security measure a facility owner can make. New technology and findings reveal that not just any type or amount of light will do.

Strengthening the Weakest Link in your Security Chain

by Rich Morahan

A few years ago, I published an article that compared self-storage security to a chain, a chain that was only as strong as its weakest link. A string of facility break-ins throughout the last year have demonstrated what I meant: Every component in the following stories works to some degree, except the lock, which results in a security breech

The Modern-Day Self Storage Keypad: Versatility, Durability, Features and Much More

by Russell Fike

Access denied! Depending on who receives this message, it can either be a source of great frustration or relief. A delinquent tenant will grimace, but when it comes to vandals, thieves or another unauthorized presence, self-storage operators breathe a sigh of relief when access is denied.

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