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Stage now for selling in the New Year

by Mark Lusky

Getting homes readied for sale often means staging them for maximum buyer interest. This ranges from formal staging of homes to seller do-it-yourself efforts to tidy up and enliven their properties. While real estate agents can work with sellers to help them accomplish varying degrees of home-sale readiness, you can augment seller awareness and knowledge while boosting your on-site traffic and hopefully revenues. Start a "home staging center" at your facility this winter-and start building now for the spring selling season.

Match marketing to buying habits

by Mark Lusky

An informal review of your tenant profile may yield substantial information about what you can do to attract and keep more business. For example, millennials may seek basic, inexpensive shelter for their stuff if they can sign up readily via a mobile device. Depending on their station in life (e.g., college singlehood versus professional familyhood), 24/7 access may or may not be of paramount importance.

Pillars of profitability

by Mark Lusky

While a daily onslaught of new information and insights provides more intel than ever about how to conduct business profitably, it's overwhelming for many businesses such as self-storage to absorb. Not surprisingly, a common response to this "big data" environment is to go deer in the headlights and not absorb much, if any, of it.

Meaty vs. Measly charity

by Mark Lusky

SpareFoot's offer of up to $100 toward a month of storage within 75 miles of Boulder, CO to help flood victims demonstrates a substantive show of support. It stands in stark contrast to paltry giveaways that show a company's desire for positive press-and not much else.

How can being so positive be so negative?

by Mark Lusky

Being overly enthusiastic, aggressive and positive can spoil a sale. At first glance, this may sound whacky. But think about it. I did upon coming across an article by Denver-based Leadership Connections entitled, "Is Being Too Positive and Assumptive Hurting Your Efforts?"

5 ways to lose prospects

by Mark Lusky

While keeping good tenants can be challenging depending on economic conditions and other factors affecting the self-storage industry, keeping them from becoming tenants at all is quite easy. Here are 5 ways to slam the door on prospects:

Recovering from bad press

by Mark Lusky

No doubt you're aware of periodic negative self-storage reports. Recently, Inside Self-Storage detailed the detaining of an owner: "When police informed Westboro Self Storage owner Howard W. Cook about the serious nature of barricading a Verizon technician inside an airtight vault, the 71-year-old told them, 'That's not my problem,' investigators said. Cook is accused of locking the worker inside an underground vault during a dispute and faces several charges, including kidnapping. Police Chief Alan Gordon said the worker was in danger of running out of oxygen. 'We located the owner of the self-storage facility, but he didn't seem overly concerned,' Gordon said."

It's time for man caves!

by Mark Lusky

Football season is upon us, further heightening awareness of the concept of the "man cave." Spouses, siblings and other home inhabitants will ramp up their objections to seemingly endless football marathons and everything that accompanies these events-from belching buddies to high-decibel opinions, observations and profanity.

Yet MORE reasons self-storage grows

by Mark Lusky

Periodically, it's prudent to read the tea leaves of business trends, demands, wants and needs to see if/how you might change your self-storage marketing. Here is some food for thought on three fronts:

Is it selling space or service?

by Mark Lusky

Is self-storage about selling space or service? There are many opinions on both sides of the discussion. And there are those who would answer "yes" to this question, indicating that it's both.

Success requires thinking beyond the norm

by Mark Lusky

Much like thinking out of the box, self-storage success depends in part on thinking outside of yourself and the routine that resides inside the gates of your facility. Here are some secrets to success from influential bloggers:

Of data mining, common sense and courtesy

by Mark Lusky

In this day and age of "data mining," companies constantly seek to discover more and more and more about customer buying habits, preferences, and profiles-as well as cataloging individual customer interactions, history, and the like.

View social media through 'friends & family' lens

by Mark Lusky

Some time back, I learned that grasping complex concepts often can become much easier by reframing the focus. Mention "social media," and many businesspeople will go deer-in-the-headlights. Most of us know the basics, but when it comes to developing and deploying a social media process, we get stuck. Where do we start? What social media should be considered? How do we synthesize and coordinate everything? How much time will we have to spend on a regular basis?

Long-term rentals guide marketing

by Mark Lusky

A recent Sparefoot blogpost authored by John Egan detailed trends toward longer term self-storage rentals. Self Storage Association study findings identified by Egan included, "46 percent of self-storage customers are long-term renters, up from 38 percent in 2007. Meanwhile, temporary renters now make up 44 percent of the market, down from 54 percent in 2007."

So micro-dwellers, where are you going to store your stuff?

by Mark Lusky

The Today Show recently aired a segment about New York micro-living. Profiling units as small as 250 square feet, the report examined ways to multipurpose: "Fold-away beds, moveable walls, and coffee tables that expand to seat 10 for dinner are just a few of the clever touches that transform these shoe boxes into veritable mini-mansions...'The main idea is to get double, triple, quadruple use from every space,' Graham Hill, founder of the sustainable living site and the design company Life Edited [said]."

Bilingual kiosk speaks to many needs

by Mark Lusky

Phoenix-based OpenTech Alliance now offers a plug-and-play "bilingual office assistant" called the Insomniac 50 for self-storage companies. According to an Inside Self-Storage article, "Customers can use the wireless, interactive, touchscreen computer to rent units, make payments, buy tenant insurance, access their accounts and more...

'Green' is about more than marketing

by Mark Lusky

"Green" is both a buzzword and a way of life. However, if you're going to tap into the buzzword, practice the lifestyle as well. That way, your efforts to go green will appear authentic and ultimately earn you much more credibility than just using it as a marketing ploy.

Auctions Drive Marketing & Revenues

by Mark Lusky

Popularity of self-storage auctions is at an all-time high. Jack Ballentine, founder and President of Florida-based Hammer Down Auctions, Inc. notes, "As a self-storage owner or operator, you are well aware your tenant lien process is one of the most volatile parts of your business. Every step of this process must strictly comply with your respective state's lien statutes. If non-payment continues, the end result is a self-storage auction."

Move forward instead of getting mired in muck

by Mark Lusky

Teddy Roosevelt said, "In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing." Every economy offers opportunity as well as challenges. Through the difficulties of the last few years, enterprising entrepreneurs of all stripes and sizes have thrived by finding the sweet spots in a sour situation.

Tap into New Year resolutions while they're hot

by Mark Lusky

In between the holiday shopping, cooking, entertaining and eating, most of us devote some time to that most noble of traditions--New Year resolutions. This year, be a go-to resource when people resolve to de-clutter, organize, or downsize the contents in their homes. While many people want to accomplish one or more of these goals as part of a New Year fresh start, time challenges often subvert the opportunity.

QR codes provide ample avenues for cost-effective PR, promotion

by Mark Lusky,

As technology opens up new cost-effective promotional routes, from social media to mobile marketing, consumer demand for 365/24/7 convenience and access is becoming more commonplace. Self-storage is a primary example of an industry where companies that make it easy to recruit and retain customers will thrive.

Promote self-storage 'mixed uses' to spur sales

by Mark Lusky

By now, most self-storage operators know about some the more creative uses of space--climate-controlled wine storage being one current favorite. But, in an industry where imaginative uses can often find easy expression, the list of novel uses is growing by leaps and bounds. Those leaps and bounds may present a valuable promotional opportunity for forward-thinking self-storage operators.

The Whats, Whys and Whynots of Social Media

by Debbie Lamb

Linkmedia 360 hosted its latest in a series of free informational webinars on Thursday September 29, 2011 entitled "The Whats, Whys and Why Nots of Social Media". Our very own Renae Dabney, Debbie Lamb and Patti Spirko were the presenters for this webinar. Renae, Debbie and Patti shared a lot of information about social media platforms as well as some tips on how to get your company started on social media. There are many social media platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogging and YouTube just to name a few). Pick the ones that will best fit your business! Your customers and competitors are on social media. You should be there too! Social media can take only an hour a day, which includes doing research, responding to comments and posting on the platforms. If you haven't implemented a social media campaign, what is holding you back? It's easy to do, helps build a community of your customers, friends and family and helps spread the word about your company's products and community involvement.

All Green Electronics Recycling Growth

by Orange County Business Journal

The Orange County Business Journal profiles All Green Electronics Recycling. Launches New Blog as Modern Educational Resource for Storage Operators

by Rachel Greenfield

The Storage Facilitator blog is for self-storage operators seeking to understand and master web marketing strategies and new technologies to better their businesses. The blog boasts some of the highest-quality writing in the industry, and features original content from leading self-storage experts.

Improving NOI through Auctions

by Chris Hitler

With the increasing popularity of lien sales in the self-storage industry many state selfstorage associations are in the process of modifying their lien law to include internet posting as a form of notice to take advantage of the cost and time-saving benefits. In this article, Chris Hitler, an experienced self-storage owner and broker explains how new internet resources can help to improve the value of your self-storage property by increasing your revenues from lien sales.

Online Directories: What is Right for Your Business?

by SpareFoot

If your facility does not have an online marketing strategy, there's a good chance you are already behind. At this point, most storage operators have some sort of web presence

Marketing Self Storage to the Next Generation

by Argus Self Storage Sales Network

They are referred to as "Millennials," "Generation Y," and "Echo Boomers" and they make up the second largest generation in US history. These children of the Baby Boomers, born from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s, are over 70 million strong and will soon replace their parents as the nation's most influential group of consumers; a group that interacts with the world in a very different way than past generations.

A Checkup You Can't Afford to Miss

by Argus Self Storage Sales Network

No doubt you've heard that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" and that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." While these cliches strike a chord when thinking about our physical health, I propose that applying the same concepts to your business will help keep your storage facility running smoothly for years to come. In these uncertain economic times, a facility checkup is a crucial exercise to ensure a healthy future for your business.

Using Multiple Channels to Maximize Web Exposure


In today's competitive business environment, maximizing your advertising and marketing budget is an absolute necessity. With Internet penetration at 70% and climbing, the Web is increasingly becoming the advertising vehicle of choice for savvy marketers. This shows in online advertising spending which has doubled from $6 Billion in 2003 to over $13 Billion in 2006. But, the Web is diffused medium, and experienced marketers are finding that a website alone does not help build your business or fill your facility. The key to successful marketing on the Internet is to first have your message available to many Internet users, and second, to give them multiple opportunities to convert and become a customer.

Welcome to the spot for marketing articles for self storage owners. If you own a self storage facility and are looking for marketing tips and advice browse the articles above. You will find articles from the top marketing vendors in the self storage industry.

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