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As consumer savviness grows, grow with it

by Mark Lusky

Even the most frenzied self-storage prospect will take the time to check out facility reviews before renting a unit. How you come across in those reviews (either in comparison with competitors or by yourself) can make or break a deal.

OK, what's wrong with this headline?

by Mark Lusky

An Inc. Magazine article trumpets, "To get customers interested in what you're selling, make your sales message about your customers." Do you see anything wrong here?

Fast, cheap, good: Pick two

by Mark Lusky

The adage about "fast, cheap, good: pick two" is especially applicable to the construction industry. A recent Inside Self-Storage article speaks to the importance of being good (a/k/a qualified and experienced) over being cheap.

Storage by the pound...across the pond

by Mark Lusky

Want to fill up empty units...a little bit at a time? UK storage provider WeStore is now offering turnkey storage options that charge customers for their actual storage requirements instead of by-the-unit. WeStore also provides storage boxes, and arranges for collection and storage.

A+ customer service

by Mark Lusky

"Raving fans" is a term seen ever-more-frequently in today's marketplace. Companies that create raving fans gain a huge leg up in the world of reputation management, where consumers weigh in about how well they do, or don't, like a particular company.

Self Storage Professionals Keep Up With State Legislation to Ensure Success and Survival

by Karen Suhaka

A quick summary of pending state legislation, and discussion of how to keep up to day.

Self Storage Operators Continue to Pursue Legislative Reform in 2013

by Michael O'Brien

A look at recent history, and the legislative landscape in 2013

Energy-Efficient Lighting for Self-Storage Facilities

by Daniel Henderson

Reduce Expenses. Improve Security. Go Green. Nationally, more than 41% of electricity used by self-storage facilities is for lighting. Industry reports state the high usage for storage facilities is due to outdated High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) lighting. Simply said, energy inefficiencies in lighting are wasting electricity and producing a poor quality of light.

Case Study: Tempe Storage Company LED Lighting Upgrade

by Daniel Henderson

Controlling operating costs is a top priority for self-storage owners and operators. Every dollar saved in operating expenses goes directly to the bottom line, improving profitability and the value of the facility. Selfstorage owners also know that appearance matters and that people expect a facility to look good in the day and at night. Safety and security is a major concern as tenants are trusting you to safeguard their valuables.

Online Directories: What is Right for Your Business?

by SpareFoot

If your facility does not have an online marketing strategy, there's a good chance you are already behind. At this point, most storage operators have some sort of web presence

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