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Sales tax impacting self-storage?

by Mark Lusky

If your state already charges sales tax on self-storage, there may be efforts afoot to increase it. If no sales tax is currently charged in your state, be alert to possible changes.

Self-storage tax changes for 2013: How to reliably discover what you need to know

by Mark Lusky

When it comes to tax advice, consider the adage, "Don't take too much advice; you could wind up making other people's mistakes." Too often, that's what happens when entrepreneurs, self-storage owners/operators included, look solely to the Internet, media reports, or other "single source" for information.

Avoid legal and accounting logjams

by Mark Lusky

As with preventive medicine, practicing preventive law and accounting can spare self-storage owners many hours of headaches and heartaches--not to mention dollars. Costs of litigating or defending a legal claim or tax issue can skyrocket quickly.

Discover the Loans Available in Self Storage

by Noel Cain

If you are ready to use debt to purchase a new facility, or refinance the debt on an existing self-storage property, now might be the time to review the loan options available to you.

It's a Smart Time to Sell

by Shawn Hill

Reflecting on the past several years of tremendous upheaval in the financial markets, I find myself going back to a prevailing is a great time to sell.


by Anita Huedepohl

It's a word few folks recall or use today. Integrity...the very word conjures up men and women who fought to build our country, our businesses and the very backbone of modern day America. But where has it gone

Nuts and Bolts...of the loan process

by Anita Huedepohl

What makes an underwriter approve a loan package? Most clients I meet for the first time have spent years, sometimes decades with the ability to walk into their local bank and sign on the dotted line for millions of dollars based upon the 'relationship' they have built up over the years.

Why Do I Need a Mortgage Broker?

by Anita Huedepohl

Over the years, I have received countless calls from commercial property owners and potential investors all asking the same question... "Why do I need a mortgage broker? Aren't you a direct lender?"...and so on. Although we have strong correspondent lending relationships with many financial institutions, we also offer many other diverse property programs not covered by a "one size fits all" approach used by many local banks.

2011 Outlook: Self Storage Investment and Financing Management

by Bruce Bahrmasel and Neal Gussis

As we enter 2011 we are settling into what everyone has been referring to as the "new reality" of the real estate market. Gone are the days of 7% cap rates and we are now learning the new rules of self storage financing. I have asked two industry veterans and self storage owners to share their thoughts on ways self storage owners can capitalize on today's market conditions and what they have been doing to maximize and protect their investments.

The Changing of the Seasons...and the Real Estate Market?

by Ben Vestal

In the last issue of the Market Monitor I described what I believe to be an improved real estate investment market for self storage properties. You might recall that we are seeing a substantial bifurcation in the market, where large properties and portfolios are demanding a premium to smaller, one-off self storage properties. There are some very good opportunities that have been popping up over the last 6 months but I am here to tell you that these favorable conditions won't last.

It's Time to Understand Your Objectives

by Argus Self Storage Sales Network

Self storage is no longer a sleepy little industry that goes unnoticed. Therefore, it is important that you manage your objectives and understand how to execute them in order to maximize your investment. Below I have outlined three possible situations that you might find yourself in and some things to consider as you start to understand your objectives.

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