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Stage now for selling in the New Year

by Mark Lusky

Getting homes readied for sale often means staging them for maximum buyer interest. This ranges from formal staging of homes to seller do-it-yourself efforts to tidy up and enliven their properties. While real estate agents can work with sellers to help them accomplish varying degrees of home-sale readiness, you can augment seller awareness and knowledge while boosting your on-site traffic and hopefully revenues. Start a "home staging center" at your facility this winter-and start building now for the spring selling season.

Deciding to do a facelift

by Mark Lusky

For brainstorming purposes, periodically re-evaluate your self-storage facility to determine if you want to expand, renovate and/or do a cosmetic facelift. Those who explore and discover new opportunities may advance their profits, while those who stand still in their space may get left behind as more progressive competitors advance.

Divine Design in Self Storage: Creative Use of Space

by Bruce Jordan AIA

How Reflective Insulation Products Work

by Carl Kurek

Learn how reflective insulation and radiant barrier block radiant heat and improve the thermal performance of buildings

Top Ten Mistakes on Self Storage Construction

by Caesar Wright

Avoid these common and costly mistakes when designing and building your Self Storage facility.

5 Current Trends in Self Storage

by Caesar Wright

Find how can you cash in on 5 current trends in the self-storage business.

Energy-Efficient Lighting for Self-Storage Facilities

by Daniel Henderson

Reduce Expenses. Improve Security. Go Green. Nationally, more than 41% of electricity used by self-storage facilities is for lighting. Industry reports state the high usage for storage facilities is due to outdated High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) lighting. Simply said, energy inefficiencies in lighting are wasting electricity and producing a poor quality of light.

Case Study: Tempe Storage Company LED Lighting Upgrade

by Daniel Henderson

Controlling operating costs is a top priority for self-storage owners and operators. Every dollar saved in operating expenses goes directly to the bottom line, improving profitability and the value of the facility. Selfstorage owners also know that appearance matters and that people expect a facility to look good in the day and at night. Safety and security is a major concern as tenants are trusting you to safeguard their valuables.

It's Time to Understand Your Objectives

by Argus Self Storage Sales Network

Self storage is no longer a sleepy little industry that goes unnoticed. Therefore, it is important that you manage your objectives and understand how to execute them in order to maximize your investment. Below I have outlined three possible situations that you might find yourself in and some things to consider as you start to understand your objectives.

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