Self Storage Building Component Articles

Climate Control and Dehumidification

by Jim Martin

Advantages of dehumidification with temperature control

Roll Up Door Model 650

by Buy Doors Direct

Roll Up Door. Light Duty Self Storage

Roll Up Door Model 750 With Windload

by Buy Doors Direct

Roll Up Door With Windload

Roll Up Door Model 1950

by Buy Doors Direct

Roll Up Door Medium Duty

Energy-Efficient Lighting for Self-Storage Facilities

by Daniel Henderson

Reduce Expenses. Improve Security. Go Green. Nationally, more than 41% of electricity used by self-storage facilities is for lighting. Industry reports state the high usage for storage facilities is due to outdated High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) lighting. Simply said, energy inefficiencies in lighting are wasting electricity and producing a poor quality of light.

Case Study: Tempe Storage Company LED Lighting Upgrade

by Daniel Henderson

Controlling operating costs is a top priority for self-storage owners and operators. Every dollar saved in operating expenses goes directly to the bottom line, improving profitability and the value of the facility. Selfstorage owners also know that appearance matters and that people expect a facility to look good in the day and at night. Safety and security is a major concern as tenants are trusting you to safeguard their valuables.

Integrating Renewable Solar Into Your Re-roofing Project

by Mark James

Retrofit metal re-roofing has been around for many years. But now, it has come to the surface with a major emphasis on energy efficiency.

A Comparison of Performance and Thickness: 40-mil Membrane Flyer

by Duro-Last

Many single-ply roofing manufacturers promote the idea that when it comes to performance, "thicker" means "better." However, the truth is roofing system performance is based on several factors, including product composition, reinforcement, and thickness.

Don't Forget About Your Thresholds

by Maggie Bahrmasel

With the many different aspects of owning and managing a self storage facility, it is easy to forget about the ones that aren't staring you in the face every day. Thresholds play an important role in preventing issues in your business

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