Storage by the pound...across the pond

Want to fill up empty units...a little bit at a time? UK storage provider WeStore is now offering turnkey storage options that charge customers for their actual storage requirements instead of by-the-unit. WeStore also provides storage boxes, and arranges for collection and storage.

This latest story prompts the thought...would it make sense for you to offer this type of service to complement unit-by-unit rentals? To streamline the whole process, WeStore has provided a complete online process-limiting expenditure of time and energy by managers and the like.

Whether or not this type of idea works for you, the message from it is simple: Think outside the box to get more boxes. There are so many novel ways to market storage space that it doesn't make sense to suffer with lagging revenues-without a fight at least.

And, while specials and discounts can help keep units filled, what price are you really paying for the privilege? Are there other solutions that can prove more profitable long-term? And, are you prepared for whatever comes-offering a variety of solutions for budgets large and small?

The same person who may not be willing to able to pay for an entire unit may well jump at the chance to store their stuff based on actual space used-especially if they don't need an entire unit.

If storage by the square foot doesn't work for you, think about the myriad ways storage space is being repurposed to house everything from wine to whining sports fans seeking a weekend man cave.

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