A+ customer service

"Raving fans" is a term seen ever-more-frequently in today's marketplace. Companies that create raving fans gain a huge leg up in the world of reputation management, where consumers weigh in about how well they do, or don't, like a particular company.

A stellar example of raving-fan-grade service in the auto repair industry can offer some insights for owners/operators of self-storage facilities. My cousin had been told by a dealer that she needed $3,000 worth of repairs. Her initial thought was to fix the car, then sell it.

So, I went to my long-time auto repair guy, Roc Ericson at Denver's Southeast Automotive, and asked if he might consider a lower tab for the initial repairs coupled with a piece of the sale. This could have netted him $2,000, $3,000 or more if he had simply said, "yes."

Instead, he said "no," adding that he would like to see the car and determine for himself how costly the repairs would be. Total tally turned out to be $900. My cousin got her car fixed for less than a third of the dealer's estimate, and can retain all proceeds when she sells it.

She became a raving fan. Roc's reputation management score just went up, Everybody wins.

Think about ways you can go beyond the ordinary to excite and engage your tenants. They will reward you with raving fan status-leading to referrals and ultimately, more revenues.

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