How to Select the Right Credit Card Processor

Credit and debit cards have become the preferred method of payment for most customers, so it's important to have a flexible transaction processing system that's fast and effective. Accepting credit cards will improve cash flow and make bounced checks a thing of the past. You don't have to wait for checks to clear, so money is deposited into your bank account faster. Plus, you save time since you're making fewer trips to the bank to make deposits. Accepting credit cards also gives you the option to setup recurring billing to automatically collect monthly fees from customers. Recurring billing gives your customers convenience, ensures that you receive payments on time and increases customer retention.

Choosing the Right Vendor

As a storage facility owner, you're probably flooded with offers for credit card processing, but how do you decide what processor can best meet your business needs? With so many options available, knowing which will work for you can be a challenge. Here are some key features to look for when choosing your credit card processing vendor:

Integrated payment module

Payment processing that's integrated with your Storage Commander or Net Commander software is a smart choice because it significantly improves your business efficiency, lowers your operating expenses, and offers great flexibility and leading-edge technology. An integrated payment processing system has many benefits.

Access to a single support call-in number 24/7/365

Whether you have a question about your statement, or your system has inexplicably gone down, you want to be able to access all the help you need through a single phone number at any time of the day or night. A single contact for your technical and administrative issues means less time and less stress. Beware of vendors who offer piecemeal support, or you'll find yourself bouncing between your software vendor and your bank trying to solve the problem.

Fraud monitoring and loss prevention

It's no secret that security breaches are on the rise, and protecting your customers' credit data should be one of your primary concerns. You should also be aware that a merchant who is found to be responsible for a security breech could face hefty fines from the credit card associations (Visa, MasterCard, etc). Don't put your business at risk-look for a security-savvy vendor that offers fraud expertise, automated risk-monitoring tools, and can help you implement safe business practices.

Competitive merchant account services

There are many factors involved in determining processing rates including transaction type (card-present swiped, card-present keyed, etc.), overall charge volume, even the type of card used. Understanding and managing the complexities is a job in itself-so select a vendor that stands behind their claim of competitive services, and let them do a merchant account assessment to compare apples-to-apples for you.

Questions to Ask Potential Credit Card Processing Vendors

Now that you know what features to look for, here are some questions that you should ask potential credit card processing vendors:

  1. Are you familiar with the storage industry and do you understand my needs as a storage provider?
  2. Are you familiar with Storage Commander/Net Commander?
  3. Do you offer a payment processing solution that is integrated with my Storage Commander/Net Commander software? If so, how does it work?
  4. If processing questions arise, will I be able to make one call, speak to a live person and have my issue resolved without having to call someone else?
  5. Will you be able to answer questions about my statement?

Empower Software Technologies' Integrated Payment Processing Partner

Empower Software Technologies knows these features are key in selecting a payment processing vendor that will not only provide you with the highest level of support, but also help you to maximize your Storage Commander and Net Commander software. That's why Empower has partnered with Payment Processing, Inc. (PPI) to offer you a fast and affordable payment processing solution that's integrated with Storage Commander and Net Commander.

With PPI, you'll get:

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