Don't Forget About Your Thresholds

With the many different aspects of owning and managing a self storage facility, it is easy to forget about the ones that aren't staring you in the face every day. It is even easier when that something is literally on the ground, barely note-worthy as you step over it to enter a unit. What I'm describing, are thresholds-those small strips at the bottom of doors that, in theory at least, keep what is meant to stay outside, out.

Though these may seem unimportant and easily forgettable, thresholds are the main barrier between the elements and your renter's property. While every door has a threshold, what is more important is making sure that your doors have the right thresholds. If the thresholds on your building are not solid, you could be in for a great number of problems down the road.


In general, the thresholds used in most buildings are hollow on the inside. Though these may be seem sufficient at the time of installation, over the years the wear and tear of heavy use will begin to take its toll. Because the thresholds are hollow, their structure can be easily compromised. Once they are bent or cracked, it is impossible for the threshold serve its purpose.

This is even more apparent when there is a hollow threshold on the main gate of your property. In a building with 100 units the main gate threshold receives 100 times the traffic of the others. Logically then, it will breakdown about 100 times faster than the rest of the thresholds on the property.

All of this can be avoided, however, by purchasing solid thresholds as opposed to the standard, hollow version. As the name suggests, these thresholds have no hollow inside and instead are solid throughout. Because they are solid, these thresholds will not fall victim to the structural damages that hollow thresholds sustain. Instead, solid thresholds maintain their perfect condition forever.

Protection from elements

When traditional thresholds are damaged in the ways described above, any number of problems can ensue. From then on, it will be impossible for the threshold to serve its purpose of keeping unwanted dirt, dust, and insects out of a unit, all of which can cause significant problems for renters.

Threshold failure may create problems on your property without you being aware that they are cause. One example of this is if one side of your property experiences a pattern of leaking. This may be due to the fact that the threshold has been compromised and now water can easily find its way into the once sealed units. Obviously this is not a good outcome as standing water will cause permanent damage to the contents of a unit.

Because solid thresholds cannot be compromised in the same ways as hollow ones, their seal always stays airtight, eliminating the risk of elemental damages that is often seen with hollow thresholds.

Cost Comparison

Initially, purchasing solid thresholds as opposed to hollow thresholds may seem too expensive. While it is true that the upfront costs of solid thresholds are greater than hollow thresholds, the long-term costs must be taken into consideration as well. If you choose to go with the hollow thresholds, they will break down and cause damage in the ways described above and eventually need replacing. Conversely, by purchasing solid thresholds you will spend more initially, but they will last forever and never need to be replaced. By investing in solid thresholds, you can simply install them and then forget about them.

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