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Pack tight, safe and secure

For some, the process of storing stuff is to toss everything into a unit, lock the door, and leave. That can work for those with less valuable items and lots of extra storage room. The rest of us would be well advised to be more discerning and deliberate in our self-storage strategy.

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On-premises vs. self-storage: How to determine what's best for you

by Mark Lusky

There are many reasons for renting a self-storage unit, from obvious overflow issues to creating an out-of-house mancave, office or warehouse. Sometimes, it can be a discussion around a spare room for rent in your home-and the relative benefits of getting a tenant to not paying self-storage fees.

A+ customer service

by Mark Lusky

"Raving fans" is a term seen ever-more-frequently in today's marketplace. Companies that create raving fans gain a huge leg up in the world of reputation management, where consumers weigh in about how well they do, or don't, like a particular company.

Fast, cheap, good: Pick two

by Mark Lusky

The adage about "fast, cheap, good: pick two" is especially applicable to the construction industry. A recent Inside Self-Storage article speaks to the importance of being good (a/k/a qualified and experienced) over being cheap.

Stage now for selling in the New Year

by Mark Lusky

Getting homes readied for sale often means staging them for maximum buyer interest. This ranges from formal staging of homes to seller do-it-yourself efforts to tidy up and enliven their properties. While real estate agents can work with sellers to help them accomplish varying degrees of home-sale readiness, you can augment seller awareness and knowledge while boosting your on-site traffic and hopefully revenues. Start a "home staging center" at your facility this winter-and start building now for the spring selling season.

Match marketing to buying habits

by Mark Lusky

An informal review of your tenant profile may yield substantial information about what you can do to attract and keep more business. For example, millennials may seek basic, inexpensive shelter for their stuff if they can sign up readily via a mobile device. Depending on their station in life (e.g., college singlehood versus professional familyhood), 24/7 access may or may not be of paramount importance.

Balancing high tech and high touch

by Mark Lusky

Let's face it: Automation is increasing. From highly sophisticated robots to self-storage rental kiosks, the stock of non-human capital is rising.

Meaty vs. Measly charity

by Mark Lusky

SpareFoot's offer of up to $100 toward a month of storage within 75 miles of Boulder, CO to help flood victims demonstrates a substantive show of support. It stands in stark contrast to paltry giveaways that show a company's desire for positive press-and not much else.

5 ways to lose prospects

by Mark Lusky

While keeping good tenants can be challenging depending on economic conditions and other factors affecting the self-storage industry, keeping them from becoming tenants at all is quite easy. Here are 5 ways to slam the door on prospects:

How can being so positive be so negative?

by Mark Lusky

Being overly enthusiastic, aggressive and positive can spoil a sale. At first glance, this may sound whacky. But think about it. I did upon coming across an article by Denver-based Leadership Connections entitled, "Is Being Too Positive and Assumptive Hurting Your Efforts?"

Want to sell self-storage units?

by Mark Lusky

Self-storage is no longer limited to rentals. Along with development of higher-end properties for specialized storage, office/warehouse use and home-away-from-home options such as man caves, some owner/operators are selling units.

Recovering from bad press

by Mark Lusky

No doubt you're aware of periodic negative self-storage reports. Recently, Inside Self-Storage detailed the detaining of an owner: "When police informed Westboro Self Storage owner Howard W. Cook about the serious nature of barricading a Verizon technician inside an airtight vault, the 71-year-old told them, 'That's not my problem,' investigators said. Cook is accused of locking the worker inside an underground vault during a dispute and faces several charges, including kidnapping. Police Chief Alan Gordon said the worker was in danger of running out of oxygen. 'We located the owner of the self-storage facility, but he didn't seem overly concerned,' Gordon said."

Yet MORE reasons self-storage grows

by Mark Lusky

Periodically, it's prudent to read the tea leaves of business trends, demands, wants and needs to see if/how you might change your self-storage marketing. Here is some food for thought on three fronts:

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